Sunday, September 14, 2008

My friends call me “supermum”.I am busy from the time I get out of bed till I return to it generally balancing life and work. For me and a lot of women out there, truth be told, there really is no balance for at the end of each day, if we manage to get it right at work, the home front suffers and each time we get a bright idea we always (unlike our men folk) have to settle the home front before we make a move. Sometimes we have to put it in our “to do sometime in the near future drawer” What takes our time and leaves us stressed out? What can we do? This is what I have found out:
Keeping up appearances. Even if in all our attempt to look busy we are not getting much done especially in terms of quality. No one wants to be seen as just a “housewife” Truth is there no such thing as “just a house wife” There are many housewives who are more blessed materially and spiritually than a lot of career women .It takes wisdom from God and planning .A lot of them have investments that does not take too much of their time, they have the best of both worlds.
Living up to other people’s expectations .Trying to keep up with them. If they travel to some exotic destination for summer, we don’t want to look like we can’t afford it. If they buy a new car, we just have to too. So we work more and acquire more but how does having more make anyone happier or less stressed?
A lack of discipline and focus leads to an inability to concentrate on what’s really important. We become anxious and fretful. What is important to you regardless of what anyone else thinks? Focus your energy on that.
What if you cannot do everything you planned to, what’s the worst that would happen? We have our whole lives to live; you can have as many goals as you want. What’s wrong with doing them one after the other? Focusing on one thing at a time ensures you give your best a little each day leaving you less drained and exhausted.
Change is the only constant, sometimes that’s all you need. As time goes by, we need to revaluate the things we are committed to. We may have to turn things around to fit with our new life style. We may need to switch careers, drop some complicated friends and change the kind of places we hang out. It may be scary especially if that’s the way we have carried on for a while but that may just be the answer.
Finally all it takes may be a new start. It is never too late to start all over, just look at the bible; it’s filled with people who had to start over and over again. Life doesn’t have to be complicated for us because we have Jesus, we are to “lean not on our own understanding” Life can be easy; the choice is up to you.

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