Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have you been a bit confused about the direction your life is taking? You want to start a new business but you have doubts? Is it time for a career switch? Do you want to do something that sounds crazy to every one but you? Well you are not alone...
Just take a step towards what you have been planning. You have wasted so much time. You have prayed, done your calculations and market surveys its time for action move! If it turns out you were wrong, trust me or at least trust God if you miss Gods plan for you, he will find you move.
When God puts an idea in our hearts, remember it’s to lift us up. If you do not take a step, it will remain just an idea, take the first step
Do not say you have no ideas or money or you can’t just figure out what to do with your life. Like Moses look within, what do you have in your hands? A skill? A certificate? A hobby? Start from where you are.
No one is perfect. If you wait till everything is in place, you may never do what you want to. You have your whole life ahead of you, do what you have to do now and move on. Regret is a bitter pill. We will make mistakes period, what will you do with your mistakes?
If you are going to do something worthwhile, it’s normal for you to be careful. If you feel no qualms at all then maybe it’s not such a big deal. When you hear “what if it doesn’t work, what if I get hurt? What if I fail, what if I loose money?’ just know it’s worthwhile; the devil won’t waste his time trying to discourage you just for the fun of it. He wants to stop something great from happening.
Make the most of your time! You won’t be young forever, you won’t have as much energy or zest for life. In 24 hours you are going to be presented with opportunities in different disguises, what would you do? Sit around and bite your nails?
Your time is your best investment, don’t waste it don’t let others waste it, take control of your time and life.

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ekwu_2000 said...

Woah.....she is back on the keyboard....highly impressive piece..I knew someday you would come back...Most people wait till they get a million before they start. Today is your only opportunity to succeed never procastinate....

Thumbs up.... try to add some aesthetic on your blog.