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Aborted dreams

May 11, 2006
Aborted dreams
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Do you have a dream, goal or vision to achieve? Have you made plans and put everything in place to see that it works yet you feel held back for various reasons? What exactly is holding you back?
A dream or goal is like a pregnancy that is likely to get miscarried or aborted if it is not well guarded.Dreams are aborted or miscarried for various reasons.

The birth or death of your dreams starts with what you believe. Do you believe the dream is possible or impossible? Sometimes, doubt in your own abilities can cause you to abort a dream you were once excited about. You have to believe in yourself, Portray confidence for others to have confidence in you and your capabilities.

Negative mindset can also cause an abortion of your dreams.You need to stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot do it and start seeing all the reasons you need to stop finding faults and start realizing all the advantages to doing what you have dreamt up.
Get rid of all the “if only” and “buts” that come up in your thoughts and plans for your future. Shut them out and do not entertain them at all. So when you think why? Counter that thought immediately with why not. Keep thinking positive and watch your dream come to full term.

Fear is a tormenting spirit. If given the chance, it will defeat you in your mind and in your dreams. It will present you with pictures of how you have failed even before you have begun. Do not entertain fear. It is one of the weapons of the enemy sent to mislead you to abort your dreams. We know this because God has not given us the spirit of fear (2Tim1:7) so because we know God has not given us the spirit of fear, it means it has been sent by the enemy do not accept or tolerate fear. When it tries to attack you, remember this verse and relax in your spirit.

Excuses can make you miscarry or abort your dreams. You can never have a perfect time to do it. He that observe the wind shall not sow; and he that regarded the clouds shall not reap(eccl11:4KJV).So whatever it is that is stopping you or holding you back from achieving your dreams, see it for what it is, plain old excuses. You have set a goal to achieve, you have made plans to see that you achieve your goals, now get up and go believing you will succeed.

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