Sunday, September 14, 2008

Have you been a bit confused about the direction your life is taking? You want to start a new business but you have doubts? Is it time for a career switch? Do you want to do something that sounds crazy to every one but you? Well you are not alone...
Just take a step towards what you have been planning. You have wasted so much time. You have prayed, done your calculations and market surveys its time for action move! If it turns out you were wrong, trust me or at least trust God if you miss Gods plan for you, he will find you move.
When God puts an idea in our hearts, remember it’s to lift us up. If you do not take a step, it will remain just an idea, take the first step
Do not say you have no ideas or money or you can’t just figure out what to do with your life. Like Moses look within, what do you have in your hands? A skill? A certificate? A hobby? Start from where you are.
No one is perfect. If you wait till everything is in place, you may never do what you want to. You have your whole life ahead of you, do what you have to do now and move on. Regret is a bitter pill. We will make mistakes period, what will you do with your mistakes?
If you are going to do something worthwhile, it’s normal for you to be careful. If you feel no qualms at all then maybe it’s not such a big deal. When you hear “what if it doesn’t work, what if I get hurt? What if I fail, what if I loose money?’ just know it’s worthwhile; the devil won’t waste his time trying to discourage you just for the fun of it. He wants to stop something great from happening.
Make the most of your time! You won’t be young forever, you won’t have as much energy or zest for life. In 24 hours you are going to be presented with opportunities in different disguises, what would you do? Sit around and bite your nails?
Your time is your best investment, don’t waste it don’t let others waste it, take control of your time and life.
My friends call me “supermum”.I am busy from the time I get out of bed till I return to it generally balancing life and work. For me and a lot of women out there, truth be told, there really is no balance for at the end of each day, if we manage to get it right at work, the home front suffers and each time we get a bright idea we always (unlike our men folk) have to settle the home front before we make a move. Sometimes we have to put it in our “to do sometime in the near future drawer” What takes our time and leaves us stressed out? What can we do? This is what I have found out:
Keeping up appearances. Even if in all our attempt to look busy we are not getting much done especially in terms of quality. No one wants to be seen as just a “housewife” Truth is there no such thing as “just a house wife” There are many housewives who are more blessed materially and spiritually than a lot of career women .It takes wisdom from God and planning .A lot of them have investments that does not take too much of their time, they have the best of both worlds.
Living up to other people’s expectations .Trying to keep up with them. If they travel to some exotic destination for summer, we don’t want to look like we can’t afford it. If they buy a new car, we just have to too. So we work more and acquire more but how does having more make anyone happier or less stressed?
A lack of discipline and focus leads to an inability to concentrate on what’s really important. We become anxious and fretful. What is important to you regardless of what anyone else thinks? Focus your energy on that.
What if you cannot do everything you planned to, what’s the worst that would happen? We have our whole lives to live; you can have as many goals as you want. What’s wrong with doing them one after the other? Focusing on one thing at a time ensures you give your best a little each day leaving you less drained and exhausted.
Change is the only constant, sometimes that’s all you need. As time goes by, we need to revaluate the things we are committed to. We may have to turn things around to fit with our new life style. We may need to switch careers, drop some complicated friends and change the kind of places we hang out. It may be scary especially if that’s the way we have carried on for a while but that may just be the answer.
Finally all it takes may be a new start. It is never too late to start all over, just look at the bible; it’s filled with people who had to start over and over again. Life doesn’t have to be complicated for us because we have Jesus, we are to “lean not on our own understanding” Life can be easy; the choice is up to you.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

happiness is a choice

May 9, 2006
happiness is a choice.
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Behold that which I have seen: it is good and comely for one to eat and to drink and to enjoy the good of all his labor that he taketh under the sun all the days of his life, which God giveth him: for it is his portion.(eccl5:18kjv)
As a stay at home mum I get to spend most my day with the kids. I have a 3year old son and a 17month old daughter. Typical of kids their age, they throw tantrums, mess up themselves and the house I had taken time to clean and are generally a handful for me. I resented staying at home and wanted to be a career woman like some friends I knew. I thought that would make me happy. I ventured out and started a small business that took me out of the house as early as 7a.m and brought me back home around 9pm everyday. My husband works nine to five so we get home almost at the same time, tired and worn-out from the hassles of the day. I had little patience with the kids. While they craved for attention and affection from me I was in a hurry to cook dinner and get them ready for bed so that I could have some rest. Suddenly I had no time to catch a nap or sit for 5mins without having something or someone screaming for attention. I started becoming resentful again and started craving for something else to make me happy.
Father thank you for loving me just as I am and showing me that true happiness comes from you and until we find you there will always be a void to fill in our lives. Help us to fill this void with your love in Jesus name.
Closing thought:
As human beings, there will always be just one more thing we seek to make our joy complete but we do not have to wait for all the conditions in our life to be right before we can be happy. We can choose to be happy with who we are and what we have right now. What will your choice be?

Money matters

May 9, 2006
Money matters.
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Money MattersMarch 20, 2006

Some couples fight openly over finances, others live with unspoken tensions. Money is an issue. From the start of a relationship, take time to plan and listen to each others financial language and avoid disillusionment in the long run. As virtuous women knowing our capabilities is very important. Knowing what you can as well as what you cannot do matters.
Decide together if it's better for you to be a career woman or a homemaker.
As a career woman, you should both talk extensively on issues like if he would be comfortable with the chances of you advancing so high in your career that you make more money, talk about how much you should both bring into the home, bring everything that involves your relationship pertaining to money on the table from the onset. Money has the tendency to intoxicate if you allow it.
Your decision to be a homemaker should be discussed extensively with your partner .Find out if it's okay by him for you to stay at home while he goes to work. As a homemaker, you can still be actively involved in financial issues in the home. Participate in the payments of bills by closely monitoring what goes out and comes in. Help to regulate your expenditures so that at all times you are not spending above your means. Nobody likes to be burdened consistently with the option of providing for any one's every need you can both settle for an amount for your personal needs until the time you can begin to make some money so that you do not always have to ask him for money. Ask yourself why you want to be a homemaker, and then see if you can still make some money while fulfilling your desires.
One option is to work from home another is to invest in some other persons business as a silent partner and get paid from profits regularly. Another is to invest in shares, stocks and bonds. Am sure if we look around there are many ways to make money without letting the means we choose adversely affect our relationship with our family.


May 20, 2006
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Doormats are for dusting your feet on. That’s right! You leave all the dirt on the doormat before you step into an apartment, you also step on them on your way out.Yes, and you walk all over them. Some women let others walk all over them they are doormats!
Doormats are in relationships where they are abused physically and emotionally yet they do nothing about it, instead they make all sorts of excuses for those they allow to abuse them. They only attract men that have very little or no regard for them. When they ought to be cherished knowing that they are part of a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a purchased people (1pet2:9)
They are in relationships that don’t grow. It stays stagnant year in year out and these women stay because they are grateful to be in any relationship at all. They prefer that to f being alone even though God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, love and a sound mind(2tim1:7)
Some others are oppressed by people all around them in the office, by their peers and even oppressed by the thought of the future. Doormats do not take the initiative.They wait and let things happen to them. We ought to be the light of the world (matt5:14)
Being a doormat means allowing the spirit of fear to rule over your life. It means settling for less when you ought to be the head and not the tail, above only and not beneath (deut28:13) this should apply to all aspects of our lives. Our lives ought to be a representation of God. If we are scared, inactive, easy to mess around with women what sort of ambassadors of Christ would we be?
As Christians the promise that freedom from fear and oppression does not come near you (Isaiah 54:14) belongs to everyone who claims it, believes it and then applies it to every aspect of their lives. we should be in a hurry to better our relationships and lives so that we can be a blessing and an inspiration to others as we climb the lather of life thereby glorifying God and representing him the way we ought to.
Doormats are for leaving all the rubbish on, they are for dusting all that’s left over from your walk around town. They are for wiping your shoes before you step into a beautiful apartment, Are you a doormat?

Aborted dreams

May 11, 2006
Aborted dreams
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Do you have a dream, goal or vision to achieve? Have you made plans and put everything in place to see that it works yet you feel held back for various reasons? What exactly is holding you back?
A dream or goal is like a pregnancy that is likely to get miscarried or aborted if it is not well guarded.Dreams are aborted or miscarried for various reasons.

The birth or death of your dreams starts with what you believe. Do you believe the dream is possible or impossible? Sometimes, doubt in your own abilities can cause you to abort a dream you were once excited about. You have to believe in yourself, Portray confidence for others to have confidence in you and your capabilities.

Negative mindset can also cause an abortion of your dreams.You need to stop thinking of all the reasons why you cannot do it and start seeing all the reasons you need to stop finding faults and start realizing all the advantages to doing what you have dreamt up.
Get rid of all the “if only” and “buts” that come up in your thoughts and plans for your future. Shut them out and do not entertain them at all. So when you think why? Counter that thought immediately with why not. Keep thinking positive and watch your dream come to full term.

Fear is a tormenting spirit. If given the chance, it will defeat you in your mind and in your dreams. It will present you with pictures of how you have failed even before you have begun. Do not entertain fear. It is one of the weapons of the enemy sent to mislead you to abort your dreams. We know this because God has not given us the spirit of fear (2Tim1:7) so because we know God has not given us the spirit of fear, it means it has been sent by the enemy do not accept or tolerate fear. When it tries to attack you, remember this verse and relax in your spirit.

Excuses can make you miscarry or abort your dreams. You can never have a perfect time to do it. He that observe the wind shall not sow; and he that regarded the clouds shall not reap(eccl11:4KJV).So whatever it is that is stopping you or holding you back from achieving your dreams, see it for what it is, plain old excuses. You have set a goal to achieve, you have made plans to see that you achieve your goals, now get up and go believing you will succeed.

Motherhood with Ese(Welcome!)

As I drive back home from the market I sigh with relief. Shopping has never been fun for me .You haggle over price and argue about being cheated trying to get a good bargain. The sun is beating on your back as it always does in Nigeria. What we have is the open market not well built giant shopping malls. Traders are tugging at your sleeves in a bid to convince you to step into their stalls. Others carrying their wares on their head pester you with questions “madam you want a cool drink, madam you want tomatoes, madam you want salt?" I think to myself if I hear madam one more time, I will get into my car and speed off. I hear it, but I don’t, I rush through shopping. I can’t wait to get back home, take a cool shower and jump into bed. I say a small prayer of thanks to God for my husband accepting to look after the kids while I run off to do the fortnightly shopping even though he has a football match to see on TV! Any time away from the kids even 5 minutes is pure relief. I am glad I took time to arrange the house before leaving because I had used up all my energy shopping.
As I look up, I see my street sign and smile, home sweet home. Wait a minute, something is wrong. In front of the house I see torn papers lying around. I rush to pack the car and as I pack I notice my husband’s toolbox on the floor someone has tempered with it. I begin to feel uneasy. As I step out, I notice the front door is wide open and there are clothes, books and toys all over the place. As I start climbing the stairs, I see the kitchen from the corner of my eyes. It’s in a mess; there is dog food in the cat’s bowl, milk on the floor, cereal packs torn open and my fridge door ajar. My heart is racing now as I notice something red and sticky all over the floor. As I climb the stairs, different thoughts flash before my mind. Could it be burglars? I see more red stains!
Now I am at the top of the stairs and the room doors are closed. What could be happening there? Are they lying unconscious from beatings received from the burglars? Are they even there at all? Which door should I open first? I don’t want to face this alone so I decide to open ours first. My palms are sweaty on the knob making it difficult to turn and heightening my panic giving me the impression that it’s difficult to open. I begin to push and shove and cry and finally the door is open.
I rush in, prepared for the worst. Sitting on the coach facing the television and backing the door, I see my husbands head and he turns as I come in, smiles and says hello to me. He is very excited about his football game on TV. I am too stunned to answer him. Turning, I run into my children’s room, throw the door open and there they are! the culprits of this whole drama hale and hearty .Screaming their heads off covered in red palm oil they must have spilled in the kitchen which translated to blood to my panicked mind!
They are running towards me screaming mummy! Mummy!
I look at them in wonder, I am tired from my shopping, drained from fear of what I thought had happened, weary from the thought of having to put this house they have turned upside down back in order but when they run into my arms smearing me with that red palm oil and all the rubbish they have piled up, when they give me hugs and say mummy “I love you! I love you” I really mean it when I smile down and say to them
“I love you too”.